A Brief History of CASSI



CASSI was set up in 1989 by a small group of families, their supporters in the community and with the assistance of other services on the Gold Coast.  The initial purpose of the service was to assist young adults who were either living in a nursing home, or who were at risk of entering a nursing home, to live well in the community.

The service was established with the input of Commonwealth funding as a part of that government's wish to enable greater choice for people with a disability.

In response to the new opportunities that the Commonwealth Government had made available, CASSI established its first services in those early days, two group homes.  Right from the start, CASSI had the stated intention of setting up services to provide assistance to people with a disability in integrated settings.

Since that time, CASSI has continued to provide support to people with a disability so they can live in the general community and are able to enjoy the benefits that come from being a part of their community.

The way that CASSI provides support has changed and evolved over the years.  We now support people who are living in the family home, living alone or sharing a home.  Living well and being a part of the community has always been important to CASSI; we have simply adapted how we do that.

CASSI has a great deal of skill, expertise and knowledge working with people who have high and complex support needs.  The people who use CASSI's services have a range of support needs such as complex medical care, neurological conditions, autism spectrum disorders, physical impairments, acquired brain injuries, intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses. 


CASSI continues to extend our support network, always building on our strength and expertise.  In 2003 we also began providing support in NSW; offering our assistance to more people who have high and complex care needs.

CASSI and the local community are looking forward to the next stages of our growth and development as the NDIS is introduced in NSW and QLD.