Our Services


Our services at CASSI are of a high quality and always based on a flexible and creative response to the needs of each person that we support.

We will always look for the best way to support each person to be a valued member of their community.  This is often through valued roles and active participation.

In the past, services have been described by using the name of a government funding program.  That process of naming does not often capture what it is that CASSI does as a support service of a high quality.  Our services can be better described in this way:

We support people to live well in their home; to take part in all the functions that occur in the home; and to use the home as a solid base for connection with the community at large.  In the home we can also develop valued roles such as, home maker, cook, entertainer, gardener, family member and friend.

We support people to enjoy the benefits that can come from living in and being a member of a community.  This can include social outings, joining a group with a common interest, visiting your friends and family and trying new things.

We support people who live alone, some who share with others, some who live with family and others who live with friends.  CASSI always respects the value and importance of each person's home as a base for enjoying life.

Being on the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW there are many people who want to come here for a holiday.  We support people at that time to enjoy the fun that comes with our local area.



The NDIS is a new government program that has been the result of agreements between the Commonwealth and all of the States and Territories for a newly designed approach to funding and service delivery.

The general purpose includes the opportunity for there to be a standard national approach to the funding of support to people with a disability; and also for there to be an emphasis on the choices of people with a disability which will be expressed in formal plans that will be set in place for each person participating in the scheme.

The NDIS is currently being trialled in a number of locations and it will be more fully rolled out over the next few years, across each State and Territory.

CASSI is prepared and ready to participate in the NDIS.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to continue to support our current service users and to the chance to offer support to others; especially people who have high and complex care needs.

Information about the NDIS can be found on their own website, and on the websites of the NSW and QLD State Governments.  Your computer's search engine will provide you with the links that are operating.