Quality Management

quality assurance  

CASSI has been accredited in the use of a quality system since 1999.

We were one of the first disability services in QLD to be accredited in this way.

The accreditation system is based on external independent audits each year as well as concerted work throughout the year to maintain our quality systems.

We also conduct our own internal quality review process which includes regular surveys of our service users and their advocates to evaluate the level of satisfaction with our service; and to identify opportunities to improve our services.

Quality Systems are based on three main principles; the first is that there are sound policies and procedures in place; the second is that the people working for the service have a good understanding of how they are expected to do their job well; the third is that there is a solid written record of the workings of the organisation.  Everyone involved in CASSI has an opportunity to make suggestions for the improvement of our services, building on current practice and introducing innovation.

CASSI has two quality accreditations in place; one based on the Human Services Quality Framework and the other based on the NSW Disability Services Standards.