CASSI's Partners & Members



CASSI has a number of partners in the work that we do to assist people with a disability.  They are:

  • The Queensland State Department of Communities (the Disability Services, Housing and the Sport and Recreation programs)
  • The New South Wales Department of Human Services (Ageing Disability and Home Care)
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs, and
  • A number of private trust companies who use our services in the support of their clients.

Each of these groups has effectively expressed confidence in the quality and scope of the services that CASSI provides by providing ongoing financial support for many years.

We are looking forward to establishing a positive working partnership with the NDIS in the near future.



CASSI is an Incorporated Association.  Ours is therefore a community based organisation with people from the community taking part in the life and work of CASSI, as members of the association.  The members of our association include some of the people with a disability that we support, family members, friends and valued professionals who generously provide their skills and experience to CASSI.