Welcome to CASSI

CASSI - A Quality Disability Service

CASSI is able to offer a full range of individual services and support to people of all ages.

CASSI is a long established accredited Quality Service Provider working on the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW.

Our Service aims to assist people with a disability.


So that each individual is:

  • Is supported in a way that responds to their diverse needs and culture.
  • Has the opportunity to participate as fully as possible in making decisions about their vision for the future and activities of their daily life.
  • Has the right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of their life.
  • Receives support and encouragement to facilitate their involvement in the community.
  • Is free to raise and have resolved any complaints or disputes they have in relation to the service they receive.
  • Is supported in a manner which preserves family, friendship and carer networks.
  • Is protected from all forms of abuse and their fundamental rights are respected and upheld.

The services that CASSI provide include:

  • Accommodation Support
  • Attendant Care
  • Personal Care
  • Independent Daily Living
  • Community Inclusion
  • Behaviour Support
  • Health and Medical Support
  • Holistic Approach to Case Management
  • Family Support
  • Achieving Goals
  • Developing new skills
  • Getting ready for work
  • Health and fitness
  • Your Life Your Choice (YLYC)
  • Supported Living Fund (SLF)
  • Flexible Respite
  • Support for School Leavers (SFSL)

All services provided are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person.

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