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A Quality Disability Service


Our Services

CASSI is skilled and experienced in providing quality and thoughtful support to people with a disability.  Particularly for people who have high and complex care needs.  By listening to each person's story we get a chance to also hear about their dreams and aspirations.  We plan, design and provide support to each person in a respectful and individual way.


The Community

CASSI is a community based disability service that respects the value and importance of connection with the community in the lives of the people we support.

So much of what we do as a support service is designed to ensure that the people we support are in fact living well and as a part of their community.


CASSI is a service that has been operating in a "person centered" way for a very long time.  We are creative, flexible and responsive in the way that we support each person who uses our services.

We are looking forward to the new opportunities that will come through the introduction of the NDIS, to support more people with high and complex care needs.